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FIRE AND GAS SYSTEM - LNG Terminal in Vung Tau

Period: 03/2021 - 12/2021

Scope of work: Design, supply, installation, and commissioning of Fire and Gas systems to monitor gas leaks and detect sparks, and hazardous heat sources for the entire LNG warehouse. 
System Description: F&G system effective in detecting gas leaks and explosion is one of the most important factors in fire prevention through the generation of alarms, containment actions, shutdowns, and operations in other emergencies. Le Duong and industry-leading partners such as Crowcon, Emerson, E2S, and Eaton will build effective solutions, equipping a reliable Fire and Gas system for gas leak detection, spark detection, hazardous heat sources in factories, storage facilities, that need to be protected. We provide the main equipment for the System as Fire/Flame Detector, Gas Detector, Gas Monitoring System, Heat Detector, Smoke Detector, Manual Call Point, Emergency Shutdown Button, Fire Alarm System, Fire Pump Controller, HVAC, Scada/DCS, … with indoor, outdoor and explosion-proof working environments.


Design, procurement, transportation, erection and commissioning (EPC) of FRP piping system to supply river water for Vaporizers system.
Fabrication, transportation, erection and commissioning of Metering Skid to measure gas flow before loading into storage tanks of LNG Terminal.
Fabrication, transportation, erection and commissioning of pump control cabinets to monitor operating parameters of 03 river water pumps supplying water to the cooling system.
Supplying materials, erection and testing the cabinet system to control, monitor the operating parameters of the fire pump station.

Provide solutions to monitor occupational safety, promptly respond to incidents that cause unsafe work on site, promptly support evacuation, rescue and warn to minimize the damage to the health of workers.